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25 years of outstanding client relationships

Just listen to what some of our valued clients have to say:

“C+K has provided defined fees and realistic schedules and has never failed to meet our deadlines and budget. Their willingness to understand our needs and their sense of humor during stressful projects and sometimes near impossible deadlines makes us appreciate them
even more.”
Sabrina McGowan, Director of Communications
Intelligent Transportation Society of America

“Chadick & Kimball has provided the Communications Workers of America with superb communication design services for 24 years. The quality of their creative solutions and customer service is consistently high, and in my view, unmatched among design firms in the Washington area.”
Jeff Miller, Retired Director of Communications,
Communications Workers of America

“Chadick+Kimball worked with us to launch our newspaper in 2007. We chose them for their innovation and creativity. Their design style is clean and efficient, and they created a look for our publication that has won positive reviews from our members. The staff is also among the most professional and cooperative with whom I have ever worked in my 30-plus years in communications."
C. James Spellane, Director, Media Department
International brotherhood of Electrical Workers

“Project after project, Chadick+Kimball consistently delivers quality work. Their creativity, professionalism and commitment to client satisfaction makes them one of the best design shops in town.”
Dan Perry, Executive Director
Alliance for Aging Research

“Chadick & Kimball has been very successful in helping us brand our different grant programs. With very specific goals and audiences, C+K created the right look and feel for our many design pieces. Their design work is top-notch.”
Stacey Harris, Director of Communications
American Federation for Aging Research

“C+K has provided us with fresh creative ideas, award-winning design and an unparalleled dedication to understanding and meeting our needs (and our demands). The trick isn't finding creative talent, it's finding people like Mike, Jo, Lori and Brian who are easy to work with, who are willing to listen and who can deliver great work on time — every time.”
Jon Ross, Vice President
Union Privilege

“The designers at Chadick and Kimball are a delight to work with. They come up with creative designs, they listen to your ideas, they pay careful attention to your budget and publication schedule, and, most importantly, they have a great sense of humor.”
Byrd Wood, Program Manager
National Trust for HIstoric Preservation

“Chadick & Kimball represent the best of what you’d want in a design agency. Creative in their thinking. Collaborative in their approach. Always dependable. We could not think of a better partner to have on
our team.”
Matt Tumminello, President
Target 10

“We have had an outstanding legal defense plan for law enforcement officers for several years, but we needed a new, fresh look to the program. C+K provided the professionalism and punch with an innovative design and integrated products that convey information in a cutting-edge way. Choose C+K if you want to leave a lasting impression!”
Michael B. Filler, Associate Director, Public Services Division
International Brotherhood of Teamsters

"I thoroughly love to use C+K — the team totally understands our market and purpose. They are all great to work with and turn-around time is quick. We have gotten many compliments on their work that they have done for us, whether it be branding, re-design of an old brochure, and suggestions on how to improve our messages/communications. Plus, they are very flexible with their time and keep me from worrying about whether or not a job will get done on time. A truly high-class and professional operation."
Daniel J. Cox, Print Production Manager
Union Privilege

"I think of Chadick and Kimball as team of uniquely creative professionals. They not only understand what it means to produce high quality work on time, they also keep it within my budget. The bottom line is that C+K is known as one of the best firms in Washington. And for good reason!"
Jim Grossfeld, President
Jim Grossfeld & Associates, LLC




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